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Part 2: Cactus Online English Language Methodology Course

When you have completed part 1 of the course, you're ready to start the second part of the course which looks at English Language Methodology. As with English Language Awareness in Part 1, you complete 30 lessons in total.

Each lesson focuses on a particular area of TEFL and is taught through a combination of reading, exercises, videos of teachers and students in the classroom and online discussion with a tutor and other people on the course. The English Language Methodology component of this course takes longer than part 1 because you also submit five assignments which receive feedback from a tutor.




  • • Our experience of learning
  • • Learning a language
  • • Truths and Untruths about language learning


  • • Roles of the teacher
  • • Roles of the learner

Talking to students

  • • Grading your language

What do we teach?

  • • The four skills
  • • What am I teaching?

ASSIGNMENT 1: Observing a lesson


Teaching vocabulary

Teaching grammar

  • • How good is your grammar knowledge?
  • • Ways of presenting and practising grammar (+ video)
  • • Timelines
  • • Concept questions

Teaching functions

Teaching pronunciation

Correcting errors and mistakes

  • • What type of mistake

ASSIGNMENT 2: Teaching language


The level of your students

The needs of your students

  • • Categorising by need
  • • Teaching Business English
  • • Teaching Children
  • • Teaching ESL

Learning styles

  • • Learning styles in the ELT classroom

Types of motivation

  • • Ways of motivating


  • • Teaching exam classes

ASSIGNMENT 3: Student case study


Teaching speaking

  • • Fluency or accuracy
  • • Role play

Teaching listening

  • • Using songs

Teaching writing

  • • Correcting writing

Teaching reading

  • • Correcting writing

A course book for your students

ASSIGNMENT 4: Using a reading text


Initial questions about lesson planning

Stages of a lesson

Defining your aims

  • • Match the aim to the activity

Organising the classroom

ASSIGNMENT 5: Planning a lesson

What you need to know by your first day

  • • Questions for your first day
  • Activities for your first day of teaching

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